We narrate the flavours of the past

Our story, the story of a family, is set in the hills of the Sicilian hinterland, in the heart of the Madonie mountains. It’s a passionate story, made of true and simple flavours, with the typical enthusiasm of those who have discovered corners of their own land that no one knows.
We started in 1965 when we discovered our land charm in a small countryside farm. We approached to the far and forgotten world of agriculture and we immediately fell in love. The sun on our skin, the wind blowing through the trees, the miracle of fruit blossoming from care and attention, the pride of bringing to your table the healthy and good products of our work. We will never renounce to them.
We love those rites of rural culture that have now disappeared: preparing “the bottles” and the preserves, just like those made by Grandma Maria, who lovingly handed them down to us. We are the custodians of lost genuinity, of old recipes that we like to revisit in our own way with surprising combinations. A simple, good and sincere cuisine, just like life.

A team work. A passionate work.

Ours is not a job, it’s a choice of life. In Tudia farm there work people who have decided to follow a passion. There are mostly women, mother, wives. Kind and virtuous people. A mom will always choose the authenticity of food that she brings to her children. Our products are conceived to all those women who work and who, when they get home, have no time to cook but they do not want to deprive their families of healthy and good food. They are conceived to all those who want to rediscover the flavour of Sunday at grandmother’s, even if they are far from home.