Our land

In the heart of Sicily

Tudia is an old town on the slopes of Madonie mountains: originally it was a feud, surrounded by haystacks, where farmers and peasants lived, by corn fields and “siccagno” tomato cultures.

A place full of memory and tradition where, every summer, the Sicilian rite of bottling tomato soup had place and all the women, grandmothers first, were producing any sort of tomato conserve, for three days: bottle soup, tomato extract (concentrate), dry tomatoes.



On our clay-lime lands, rich in potassium, we apply methods of traditional agriculture with care and dedication, without the use of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilisers…

Faithful to tradition

The rotation with lentils and wheat makes our crop tastier, juicier and with high health and nutritional values.
Our freshly harvested fruit and vegetables arrive in our plant to be processed within the same day.